History 03 - The New World was a place where religion wasnt...

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The New World was a place where religion wasn’t the deciding factor if you were to be called an outcast. Over time, the religion factor changed into a politic factor that affected people’s lives. People held different views on how the government should be, but the only fact that didn’t change was, there wasn’t a single ruler. Self-government was the difference between America and Europe, and it is what inspired people to create change. Without the power of one single ruler, there was a rift on what was right and wrong. It was difficult to define how people should live their lives. This was the building blocks to the different parties in politics, at the time it was the Federalists and the Republicans. Both had different views on what the government should do for the people, and appealed to different areas of the country. The key different was how much influence should the government hold over the people. John Marshall was a very strong figure head in the Federalist Party, and many of his rulings are still in affect today. He created “acts of Congress and the president unconstitutional, struck down laws that infringed on federal prerogatives, and gave force and dignity to basic guarantees of life and liberty and property” (Oates, 182). With his influence, he helped to shape the balance of power between the branches, became the chief justice in the Supreme Court in 1801. He changed the United States Supreme Court
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History 03 - The New World was a place where religion wasnt...

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