history 02 - In the present day world, the self-government...

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In the present day world, the self-government is what allows America to be able to govern each of its 52 states. Even though there is a centralized government, each state has its own law and different understanding of rights. In the colonial government, British rule has a different outlook on how the citizen rights should be. Between the British and Colonists, there was a clash of agreement which led way to the revolution. The colonies were faced with the suppression of the British government as redcoats enter the towns, and taxes were enforced. British law believed that there wouldn’t be an uprising; however, their expectations were far different from the political and social revolution uprising by members of the American Colonists. The view of the law was different, and one colonist stood up to bring order to the colonial side against Great Britain’s rule. John Adams began his own revolution through the newspaper in the form of essays. It was a peaceful rebellion as this was the first action against the Stamp Act, which was one of many acts that Great Britain began. He believed that “no freeman should be subjected to any tax to which he has not given his own consent” (Oates, 79), words that sparked the idea of freedom and self government. However, the people didn’t just listen to him because he was a man who wrote in the newspaper, but because he didn’t concentrate on the politics. It was because he wanted to make a living as a free
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history 02 - In the present day world, the self-government...

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