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SPAN+2001+-+OE2+SP17+Instrucciones+para+estudiantes - SPAN...

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SPAN 2001 – Otoño 2016 – Examen Oral II Temas e instrucciones For the second oral exam, you and a partner will carry on a natural conversation in Spanish while your instructor listens and evaluates your speaking. Your conversation must last a minimum of 3 minutes, and both students should participate equally in the interaction and should ask each other questions actively in order to move the conversation along. You will receive a list of general topics in advance (found below). Then, the day of the oral exam in class, you and your partner will each randomly receive a specific prompt to which you will respond during your interaction. You will choose between the two prompts that you and your partner randomly receive, and will then have 3-5 minutes to prepare for your conversation. The topics for the oral exam are directly related to the two Culture Discussions on ELC that you have participated in this semester. Thus, you should thoroughly review the readings related to those
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