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Student name: ________________________________________________Section 1 or 2 Final Exam (take-home part) for CMPEN 331 Computer Organization and Architecture Sections (1) and (2) Spring 2008 Submit Monday, May 5, 2008 at 10:10A-12:00P 112 BUCKHOUT (before the exam) Dr Kabekode V. Bhat, Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 111H, Information Sciences & Technology Building, University Park, PA 16802, (814) 863 0147 (Tel), [email protected] Answer all questions. Attach your answers in separate sheet(s). (Total 50 points) 1 a. Disk store and dependability p 569-70 (10 pts) Define track, sector, seek, and rotational latency. Using the simple model in p 570 for rotational delay (latency) calculate the average delay in ms for 15000RPM disk. 1b What is the average time to read or write a 512-byte sector for a disk rotating at 10000 RPM? assume seek time = 6 ms transfer rate = 50MB/sec, Controller overhead 0.2 ms.
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Unformatted text preview: Assume that the disk is idele (i. e. there is no wait time) Hint ( p571). (10points) 1c. (p573). Define reliability, MTTF, and MTTR. Define availability using MTTF and MTTR. (5 ) points 1d. p574 -575. What are the advantages of RAID (Redundant arrays of inexpensive disks)? What are striping (RAID0), mirroring (RAID1) and error detecting and correcting code (RAID2) (5 points) (2a) Measuring and improving Cache performance. (p492-494 ). Explain how multilevel caching reduces miss penalty. State all assumptions and write down the equations for CPU time, memory stall clock cycles, Read – stall cycles. Also explain how to handle write through and Write-back schemes Under the assumption write buffer-stalls are negligible write down the equation the reads and writes using single miss rate and miss penalty (10 points) 2(b) Do example page 493-495 & Example p 495 (10points) 1...
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