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Computer Science and Engineering 431 Computer Architecture Fall 2008 Homework #1 Distributed : August 28, 2008 Due : September 9, 2008 via Angel by 5pm EDT Points : 15 1. Problem 1.52 in PH except assume that the task needs P CISC instructions and 1.5P RISC instructions (rather than 2P) and that one CISC instruction takes 6T ns to complete (rather than 8T ns) and one RISC instruction takes 2T ns. In addition to determining which architecture has the better performance, indicate by how much (e.g., “is 2 times (or 100%) faster”). If the CISC instructions
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Unformatted text preview: occupy (on average) 3/2 N bits and the RISC instructions occupy N bits, how does the instruction memory space requirement compare (i.e., which one requires more instruction space and by how much)? 2. Problem 2.45 (on the companion CD, In More Depth) in PH 3. Problems 3.31 in PH. 4. Problem 3.26 (on the companion CD, In More Depth) and problem 3.54 (on the companion CD, For More Practice), in PH. 5. Problems 4.38, 4.40, 4.41, and 4.42 (on the companion CD, For More Practice) in PH....
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