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A. Patrarch is known best for his Italian poetry, however, he was also an enthusiastic Latin scholar. He did most of his writings in Latin. His Latin writings vary from scholarly works, introspective essays, letters, and more poetry. These Latin works include: Secretum, Augustine of Hippo, De Viris Illustribus, Rerum Memorandarum Libri, and many more. Patrarch also published several volumes of his letters to his long-dead friends. Most of his Latin writings are unfortunately difficult to find today. In the sixteenth century Patrarch created the model for the modern Italian Language. Patrarch is also
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Unformatted text preview: credited with developing the sonnet which became a model for lyrical poems during the Renaissance. It is obvious from simply the titles of his works, which involve the ancient world and what aspects interest him. B. Boccaccio was a friend and correspondent of Patrarch. They met while Boccaccio had left Florance and traveled to Venice. He then wrote De casibus virorum illustrium , De mulieribus claris, De montibus, silvis, fontibus, lacubus, fluminibus, stagnis seu paludibus, et de nominibus maris liber. The aspects of classical antiquity which interested him were that of archeology, and many more....
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