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Enhancing Athletic Performance      1 Enhancing Athletic Performance through Proper Nutrition Michael Reilly University of Phoenix Axia College
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Enhancing Athletic Performance      2 Want to know the one thing anyone can do to make them look younger, feel better, have more energy, be happier and improve athleticism? It is nutrition. Eating right can improve ones overall quality of life. The focus here will be how eating right improves sports performance. Even though tough to do, knowing how to eat right will improve sports performance because it improves endurance, builds muscle and promotes focus. Becky Gillete, A fitness writer said in an article of better fitness, “Whether you're a world class professional or a weekend athlete, what you eat and drink can make all the difference between a mediocre performance and a perfect 10 that leaves your competitors lagging behind in the dust” (1989). Hopefully after reading this food will become a friend and an aid. Athletes must do everything they possibly can to be at their best for competition. Unfortunately many athletes neglect one of the most important aspects of athletics: nutrition. The first way food can improve athletic performance is through improving the athletes endurance. Endurance is very important in most sports. Without proper endurance one cannot perform the required tasks for the necessary amount of time . Eating right improves endurance through giving the body the fuel it needs to perform. Think of the body like a car and the better the fuel the better gas mileage it will get. Just increasing the overall intake of carbohydrates in ones body Hopkins, 2001, Para. 4). Endurance can be increased up to two hundred percent with the proper diet leading up to a sports event (Gillete, 1989, Para. 3). There are the basics to improving endurance and sports nutrition, and there are
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EssayMR[1] - Enhancing Athletic Performance 1 Enhancing...

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