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Living in Unison with Bacteria

Living in Unison with Bacteria - Mike Reilly Bio 110 8:30...

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Mike Reilly Bio 110 8:30 am Dr. Voltura Living in Unison with Bacteria: Microbes and Probiotics There are microbes in our bodies and they actually out number our cells. They are there for better or for worse. Some microbes are passed down at birth. Other microbes are found in our foods. These microbes play a paramount role in human health. Not only do microbes protect the body from infection and disease they also help the digestive system make the most of the food it takes in. Microbes protect the body from disease by killing germs, promoting immunity to harmful bacteria, improving intestinal health and increasing white blood cells. In one study they even had success in treating inflammatory bowel disease. Microbes aid the digestive system by helping digest food, supporting metabolism, utilizing vitamins more effectively and promoting metabolism. With certain microbes being as beneficial as they are it only makes sense that we would add them to food.
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