seperationofpowers - ConWes 11-15-07 o Schumpeterian...

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ConWes 11-15-07 o Schumpeterian definition of democracy (d)-competitive free elections not D which would be the description of US, Germany, Italy---any constitutional democracy—b/c they are D+ (separation of powers and protection of fundamental rights) o FR- in constitutional democracy not matter but a court protecting these rights – tension D(rights exercised by citizens) but FR (not controlled by elective) o Democracy can not happen without constraints (these are FR) Separation of Powers o To disagree you have to agree on something--- if you speak a dif. language you can not understand therefore disagree- no common element at all---- in US everyone agreed on Montesquieu’s Spirit of Laws -chapter connection btw freedom and separation of powers o Must give definition of republic (like def. of freedom)-American definition- a gov. which derives all its powers directly/indirectly from the great body of the ppl, and administrated by –it is essential that’s from the society not from favored
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seperationofpowers - ConWes 11-15-07 o Schumpeterian...

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