Super majority - Unanimity not consensus bc participates...

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Super majority? - “equal weight among decision makers- they are equal in their impact in the final decision which will bind equally those who approved it as well as those who opposed the choice” + veto power confirms the status quo - E. Sieyes (thinker of the French constitution)- says that everyone should have an equal vote because each individual has to follow the law equally – therefore should have an equal say Super majority—need to stable rules for making rules- ad need to stabilize some basic values ---- does not protect the minority but that is what the judicial institutions are for
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Unformatted text preview: Unanimity not consensus bc participates can not just say no they have to have reasons behind it Peufendorf ----Peuf--Super majority-Gronovius – p. 13 Pf. – “ that a greater number should be governed by a less’ - rewards veto power to a minority Dahl Dahl---Super Majority-rewards the minority to block a majority—to prevail -the minority can overthrow or block the minority -probability of right goes up as the % of majority needed rises as well-voting cycle problem...
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