outline combined - Skep. -socialist claim to be the only...

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Skep. -socialist claim to be the only true democrats -popular support can not be the goal… people make mistakes--- democracy needs to be an instrument to achieve another goal -makes fun of kelsen in “can not approve just practices of bad democracies such as Nazi Germany b/c they have been decided on according to the rules of democratic procedure (p. 242) -constitutional law- the people exist after the constitution not before -each community has different values/ definition of citizens -government not run by the people but approved by the people -Democracy a means where the political elite can be in power and compete for power Mechanisms to stay in power 1. economic growth 2. civils war 3. competitive election -revolution- removal of obstructions opposed to the will of the people by outworn institutions controlled by groups interested in their preservation -it is necessary to remove the poisonous fumes of capitalism -to try to force the people to embrace something that is believed to be good and glorious but which they do not actually want- even though they may be expected to like it when they experience its results- is the very hall mark of anti- democratic thinking -an autocrat never wishes to act according to the will of the people or to give in tot it -witch hunting afford s another example- it grew out of the very soul of the masses and was anything but a diabolical invention--- will of the people not always good -can not approve of something just because the decision was made democratically – there are ultimate ideals and interests which the most ardent democratic would put above democracy such as freedom of speech and conscience, justice, decent gov. and ex. -discrimination is always present—excludes voters by age but still exclusion starts with that proving that some are not worthy of the vote can move from age to race, religion, points of view, gender-- the practical rules by which they are made to exclude portions of the population: all that matters is that the society in question admits it -how do you allow the people to rule?> only works in very small homogenous communities -democratic procedure does not always promise the desirable (means not an end) -dem. ‘rule of the people’ not ok b/c do not rule in the current democracy- therefore not rule— really rule of the electorate support of the ppl not ok bc applies to other places Venezuela, autocracy -gov by the people switched to gov approved by the people -self determination not a part of democracy at all -not all people can have power it is only a person who can legally delegate or be represented- an active person--- parliament not representative of state/people because majority of people do not have legal personality? Classical Doctrine of Democracy
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outline combined - Skep. -socialist claim to be the only...

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