HW 1 - 5 Standard of living – More developed countries...

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CEE 3306 09/04/08 HW #1 1. Demand, when applied to water, refers to the amount of water needed to serve a community. The text suggests that night time is a period of “low demand.” A time of low demand means that not much water is needed for the community to function. 2. 5 most important factors that contribute to water consumption 1. Climate – The amount of precipitation has a large effect on consumption. Dry states withdraw more water from the public supply than wet states in order to make up for the lack precipitation they receive. 2. Industrial activity – The more industrialized the community is, the more the per capita water demand will be. 3. Meterage – Metering water consumption lowers the per capita water consumption because when water is metered the people feel a sense of responsibility to conserve water and fix leaks. 4. System management – Well managed systems have lower per capital consumption because leaks are monitored and repaired in a timely manner.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Standard of living – More developed countries consume more water than less developed countries because more developed countries typically have more industries and easier access to water. 3. 4. Residential development has 280 houses. 5. 320 houses but low – flush valves reduce water consumption by 14% 6. What additional demand will be made at peak hour? 7. Clean Air Act a. Title II addresses moving sources of pollutants (motor vehicles, aircrafts, clean fuel vehicles) b. NOx – oxides of nitrogen c. The last year the carbon tetrachloride could have been produced was 1999. 8. Ted should a) inform the city and state authorities of the illegal discharge as required by law even though no apparent harm resulted. It is important that he inform he authorities because although no apparent harm has resulted, long term harm could result that isn’t yet apparent. If Ted just keeps the incident quiet he is violating the code of environmental ethics....
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HW 1 - 5 Standard of living – More developed countries...

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