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scan0010 - with qmmwo.swoittuvmmaj temple/ableat would you...

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Unformatted text preview: with: qmmwo .swoittuvmmaj temple/ableat? would you rather be in your house (small family home) or Derring Hall (quasi—reinforced concrete) during an earthquake? why? Small faintly WWW? beget/use (amt/{€11 0‘03?”- "‘ ”“9 +1” ”3:, “MTV? <~i~m:?%{‘.;zy aw’ by ,1) 5:: t"; i would you rather be in Derring Hall or a modern skyscraper? why? if you were to be caught in a M = 7 earthquake, would you rather be caught in a Virginian building or a Californian building? (who has the best building codes?) C Cat, 13131, E f3 V g- t)! 3/? all? “I“ explain ways, other than ground shaking, that an earthquake can cause damage: 1) auitpimqs (:tqume 71¢“ ACTH E {at/Hie 2) creep: CUW’HVll/[OMS thitym‘pm yu/ QUIT (5;qu ”14/19”; \0(’ E; if"; 3 ‘TVL it” rm /' pi” j? ACTIVE Fag; a? 3) liquefactionzMw) Gino We? SO'VLS cw ewes/re £9 SOP—”T $11.14,; AA (ill/Hi”) WA/Afi/A‘ gA/‘(AKEM 4) LONDSUYH’S 3 L/[mé’le/tblf CVOP? 00m be “he", 01’!ch (WWW) ‘0‘!" ea MW?! ,2: a w , H743) gill/1:9 LA. “3&7 IL" 5) tsunami: wa‘rw w am 5:» were ex), vrmm 5 err?" w- mslua'za *7 M All :3” D? “T 515/13“? “a, 6 DOLE-1‘51 L a: 1/: rain we h?” for each of the above, explain appropriate land use (Where not to build) => L a MD Lt Sr mars“ fi/ viii/“.0 “/6 t.’; 345 A '3' A3 l’fh in! 2 Av...- 1"} Hole: GEOS 2104 Study Aid 1—5 Earthquakes ...
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