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Biology Cheat Sheet Front Jackson - -Originally though...

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- Originally though peptic ulcers caused by overabundance of stomach acid due to stress . diet and anxiety - . - , Dr Marshall discovered H pylori which actually causes ulcers - . - Dr Prusiner discovered prions misfolded proteins that cause other proteins - To misfold tertiary structure responsible for mad cow disease - Van Helmont discovered that plants don t eat dirt by doing a simple Experiment where he grew a plant in a known . amount of dirt Strong Inference . 1 Devise multiple hypotheses . 2 Design experiments to eliminate one or more of the hypotheses . 3 Carry out the experiments in a . manner that gives a clean result . . . 4 Repeat Refine hypotheses - : : Mitosis plays a role in Cell Cycle - G1 S G2 M Growth and development Repair and turnover of cells - Reproduction asexual - Humans have 23 diploid chromosomes - : Asexual Reproduction / Easy to produce lots of offspring Extremely low genetic diversity - : Sexual Reproduction , Greater genetic diversity genetically unique offspring Harder to produce offspring - Haploid chromosomes carry different information - . Diploid chromosomes come in pairs - The different traits expressed on each one are called alleles - Each pair of chromosomes is comprised of a paternal and maternal chromosome - - ( ) Sister chromatid replicated DNA chromosomes - - ( Tetrad pair of sister chromatids one from mom and one ) from dad - - ( Meiosis 1 Split the pair of chromosomes apart split ) tetrad - - . Meiosis 2 Split apart the sister chromatids - , - ( ) As DNA is packing up Crossing over aka Recombination occurs DNA gets cut and then switches some of its . . nucleotides End up with hybrid Momdad DNA The end result is four haploid cells at the end of meiosis that are . each unique / Independent Assortment Random Assortment Meiosis I . . 1 DNA replication 2 Sister chromatids are . packaged up and crossing over occurs The , . nuclear membrane breaks down 3 Cytoskeleton lines up the chromosomes in the . . middle of the cell Independent assortment . . 4 Pairs of chromosomes are split apart
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Biology Cheat Sheet Front Jackson - -Originally though...

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