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scan0002 - what is afault Fm cm w mv't’wrw ”349,43,y...

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Unformatted text preview: what is afault? Fm: cm w/ mv't’wrw ”349,43 ,y. wand" ,— bfi: WWDH gal/KS {-4— (what is the difference between a fracture and a fault?) draw the angle between the principal stresses (01, 02, 03) and. . . an extensional fracture: E 'SW (3" iota/1'1"" (MDT W3 6‘ a .‘fl can bc ivxdWOLLoL lax/L “actor/Vick. I 65 1‘ l l a shear f alcture (2 fault): W mmWPIW define the hanging wall of a fault: define the footwall of a fault: draw a normal fault: in what direction does the hanging wall move? D0 W“ in which stress setting does this occur? (ET-kc in snow at which plate boundary? Hole: GEOS 2104 Study Aid H—Z Structural Geology ...
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