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ENGE1024_Week2_Lecture_spring07 - ARTICLE III...

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1 ENGINEERING EDUCATION ARTICLE III: CLASSIFICATION OF OFFENSES AND SANCTIONS VT Undergraduate Honor Code Section 1. The Honor System classifies offenses into one of six categories. Section 2. Each classification carries several sanctions, one or more of which may be imposed on individuals convicted of violating the Honor Code. from www.honorsystem.vt.edu Week 2 Lecture ENGINEERING EDUCATION Announcements Please take your Tablet PC/Laptop and calculator to the workshop for problem solving/design activity every week. Also, bring your Textbook. If you still don’t have access to the main Web site of the course, write your name and PID on a sheet of paper and hand it to me at the end of the class. ENGINEERING EDUCATION Online quizzes Access online weekly quizzes in the Assignments area on the main website. Each weekly quiz will be assigned a BEGIN and END time and date and it’s your responsibility to complete the quiz during this period. A quiz can be taken three times during this period. These times/dates will be posted along with the quiz. Your quiz questions may be randomly chosen from a pool of questions. Your recorded score will be whatever you receive upon the last attempt. It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer as your web browser. Check your grades under “My Grades” in the Tools area to make sure that a score was recorded for your quiz attempt.
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2 ENGINEERING EDUCATION Outline Problem Set 1 - discussion Engineering profession ABET, Inc. Design Example ENGINEERING EDUCATION Engineering Profession Engineer - Definition Engineers are individuals who combine knowledge of science, mathematics, and economics to solve technical problems that confront society.
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