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Geology Test 4_10 - what is a tidal inlet AUDI/VS had...

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Unformatted text preview: what is a tidal inlet? AUDI/VS had “favor/(314 +141: loam/{CV Klan/Ir; Cl/Mm/l how are they created? Mum/(ta (A? war we 0V6W/QSl/L where does sand move to keep the inlet open? ’Tloe I/l/wl/es sat/1r) I‘m 01/ our 4‘7) [466p ’I’Mc n/Llc’l’ 0P5“ what does the longshore current do to the inlet? 17/16 41) c1050 4%: rmle‘l' or mrqvmtc ’h/lC Inlet film/w} xH/Le C0091“ how long do tidal inlets us 11 last? months? years? &@ 10003 yrs? millions yrs. name three ways of preventing the damage of beach homes by erosion: (DWI/VT 8:4in I'N m‘szy LDCQTIDMS ' ©MOVe~me amen/I33 as rm mam mover @ Wm srmal'ua—anomi FWfZCT' Bumping is such damage bad or natural? (opinion question) which is the best option (answer this after next page) what is hard stabilization? H-oLPS ‘m Place 14an Movable 019)“ch Hole: GEOS 2104 Study Aid Q-S Coasts ...
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