Hamlet Act One

Hamlet Act One - • Polonious forbids Ophelia from...

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Hamlet Act One Scene 1 Bernardo and Marcellus try to show Horatio the ghost of King Hamlet Ghost shows itself temporarily, Horatio convinced it’s King Hamlet Horatio thinks ghost is warning of bad future for Denmark Scene 2 Claudius announces marriage to Gertrude Claudius announces Fortinbras demands land Claudius tells Hamlet he needs to stop mourning fathers death Claudius and Gertrude don’t want Hamlet to return to college Hamlet (aside) wishes he can evaporate and die and that suicide was not a sin Horatio enters and tells Hamlet about fathers ghost Scene 3 Laertes tells Ophelia (sister) to stay away from Hamlet because he is far to above her in social class to love her truly Before Laertes leaves, Polonious lectures him to be true to himself
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Unformatted text preview: • Polonious forbids Ophelia from associating with Hamlet Scene 4 • Hamlet keeps watch hoping to see Ghost • Claudius is having party and it angers Hamlet • Ghost appears and asks Hamlet to follow • Hamlet follows, Horatio waits for a moment, then decides to follow Scene 5 • Ghost claims to be Hamlets father • Ghost says he was “foul and most unnaturally murdered” • Ghost says he was sleeping in garden and Claudius pours poison in his ear • Asks Hamlet to avenge his death • Hamlet sees Horatio and Marcellus and tells them he will pretend to act crazy in his plan to avenge his fathers death...
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Hamlet Act One - • Polonious forbids Ophelia from...

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