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sts midterm - Dawn Gearhart S&TS 201 March 2008 Midterm...

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Dawn Gearhart March 2008 Midterm Exercise Part 1 1. On April 28, 2005 John Fitzpatrick announced that there had, miraculously been a sighting of an ivory-billed wood pecker. The mythological history of the bird and its long-time presumption of extinction played major roles in why this sighting was so-called to “Holy Grail” of birding. The announcement effectively reinstated the quest for the legendary bird. 2. The three sorts of observation that formed the basis of Fitzpatrick’s discovery claim were 1) sightings of the bird by highly credible bird experts, 2) recordings of characteristic rapping and calls of the bird and 3) a 4 second long video believed to capture the ivory-bill. 3. Fitzpatrick justified Cornell’s secrecy by attributing it to attempts to preserve the integrity of Cornell’s lab of ornithology and prevent the precious habitat from becoming what he called a “Coney Island with birders piling in all over the place.” 4. Cornell breached a norm of science when they accursedly “delved into ‘faith-based’ ornithology and [so did] a disservice to science” (Auk; 891).
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5. A quote from the article which shows how the personal reputation of a scientist, the prestige of a laboratory, and the importance of a publication outlet led to belief in the initial claim was from Geoffrey Hill of Auburn university in Alabama who said he believed the claim because “It was Science , it was the Lab of Ornithology, and it was Fitz” (Stokstad 890). 6. The first episode in the article that describes how Cornell tried to prevent the publication of material skeptical of the discovery claim was when the Cornell team offered to play additional unpublished recordings of the bird for critics from Yale in attempts to sway them towards belief. The second attempt was when Jerome Jackson of Florida Gulf Coast University prepared a paper that claimed the video was on a Pileated woodpecker and he met resistance from Tate and other members of Fitzpatrick’s team. 7.
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sts midterm - Dawn Gearhart S&TS 201 March 2008 Midterm...

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