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Study guide EASC midterm 1 - Study guide EASC midterm...

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Unformatted text preview: Study guide EASC midterm ID’s The role of the Chinese Communist Party in China (From Ogden) The Chinese communist party served to unite the peasant masses against the traditional confusion government. The communist party promised equally for everyone and is one of the first parties to grant women equal rights to men. Unfortunately the communist party has many short coming which were due mainly to the mismanagement with in the party and the power hunger individuals who governed it. The Tiananmen square and it’s importance in china This square was built by the order of Mao. It is the square that leads into the gate of heavenly peace and the forbidden city. It was meant to be and is the largest communal gathering space in the world. It has served to be the gathering place and the stage for many of the demonstrations and major events throughout Chinas history. In the center of the square is a statue of tribute to the history of China The united front between the communist party and the nationalist party (Note: there was more than one united front between these two political parties. I’;; accept any one which is correct) The united front is the joining of the communist and nationalist parties against a great enemy of china. In theory the KMT and the CCP were supposed to have a sort of cease fire during this time and be friends with one another, unfortunately warring between the parties still existed only in a less obvious manner. The first united front was in 1924 and was against the warlords The second united front was in 1937 against Japan and dissolved in 1945. This united front was created when Japan attacked china and began advancing southward to try and occupy china’s mainland The communists contributed more to the national wartime efforts According to Ogden. It was mainly the efforts of the Chinese people and the Americans that brought the victory over Japan The enemy of my enemy is my friend. One hundred flowerers policy Created by Mao This movement encouraged the open criticism of the communist party and it’s members. Mao originally initiated this policy because he was unhappy with the factions that were developing with in the communist party and figured that this would help to tone down and limit the faction developments. After this movement the party became very unhappy with Mao for the criticism they were receiving. So in order to rectify his mistake Mao created the anti-rightist movement. This movement served to persecute anyone who spoke out during the hundred flowers movement. Discuss the role of the three women in Wild Swans Jung Chan’s experience with foreigners as described in Wild Swans Jung Chan had many preconceived notions of the ways of the western world She thought all westerns had crazy red hair and always stumbled around drunk....
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This test prep was uploaded on 10/31/2007 for the course EASC 150g taught by Professor Rosen during the Spring '07 term at USC.

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Study guide EASC midterm 1 - Study guide EASC midterm...

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