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Experiment 14- Thermodynamics of Electrochemistry In part one of the experiment, we took two test tubes and added 10 ml of the corresponding 1.0 M metal nitrate solution to the test tubes. We then took some tubing and put it into the KNO3 solution and used the stopper the ends of the tube with small wet pieces of cotton. We heated up a 400 mL beaker of 200 mL tap water and placed the two test tubes into the solution and secured them to the ring stand as they were heated with the magnetic stirrer. The next step involved cleaning the surfaces of the two metals and placed into the test tubes and the voltage and temperature were measured. The next step involved replacing the room temperature water with ice water. Then the cold water was replaced with hot tap water and heated in a beaker using a Bunsen burner. The water was then heated to 50 degrees Celsius. The water was then heated to approximately 75 degrees and then the heat was turned off until the temperature is 70 degrees. Then using
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