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Religious Studies 4 Prof. Wallace Week 1: Response to the Readings The various readings from week one had many aspects that appealed to me and I found interesting. One such idea of Buddhism that I felt was unique from other religions was the fact that one could be reborn and inhabit one of six different realms of the samsara. The fact that in Buddhism one could be a human, a god, an asura, a ghost, an animal, or go to hell is different from traditional religions such as Christianity in which one simply dies and goes to either heaven or hell. I also found the fact that one is not a god forever but is simply only a god temporarily in sharp contrast to the traditional ideas that are usually represented in Christianity. Also being a human is considered the most likeable realm for the fact that one can experience both suffering and pleasure and not too
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Unformatted text preview: much of either allows one to live a balanced lifestyle as a human being. Another aspect of the reading I found interesting was the idea of the Four Noble Truths. All of the Four Noble Truths are interrelated and lead to one another. The first of life is suffering. Craving then causes suffering. Next suffering can have an end. Lastly that there is a path that leads to the end of suffering. The fact that the Buddha has a perspective on life that is based on the facts dealing with suffering is unique in the sense that everything in the Buddhist culture stems from suffering and being relieved from suffering. One aspect I would enjoy discussing in class is how in the Buddhist culture the heavens are divided into twenty-six different levels. How do all the levels differ?...
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