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Intro to Buddhism - Intro to Buddhism Study Guide Midterm#1...

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Intro. to Buddhism- Study Guide Midterm #1 What are the four noble truths? 1. life is suffering 2. suffering is caused by craving 3. suffering can have an end 4. there is a path which leads to the end of suffering What are the three main types of suffering? 1. “duhkha-duhkha”= suffering “plain and simple” (as biologically- birth, sickness, aging, death) 2. “viparinama-duhkha”=suffering “due to change” (things are impermanent and constantly changing) 3. “samsara-duhkha”=everything including us will fall apart, you will never find something complete Six realms of rebirth 1. heaven-the residence of gods who have accumulated sufficient good karma to justify a rebirth in paradise 2. hell-varied and may have cold and hot areas where departed spirits suffer until their karma is gone 3. ghosts- those who are selfish and greedy and no longer able to enjoy the pleasures they crave. Have swollen stomachs, never satisfy their hunger. 4. animals- instincts they can’t control, ability to reason and understanding doesn’t exist. 5. asuras- from Indian mythology who battle gods as part of an eternal struggle between good and evil. Warlike demons who were consumed by hatred and a lust for power. 6. humans- preferable place of rebirth since it contains the best balance of pleasure and suffering a. balance is best for attaining enlightenment karma-is the mechanism that moves people around from one realm of rebirth to another -Various aspects of the life to come are said to be karmically determined including the family one is born into, one’s caste or social standing, physical appearance, character,
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Intro to Buddhism - Intro to Buddhism Study Guide Midterm#1...

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