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Experiment 10- Thermochemistry (Discussion) In part one of the experiment, we chilled 60 mL of DI water in about 10 degrees Celsius and then added 50 mL of chilled water to the calorimeter and stirred the cup with a magnetic stirrer and measured the temperature change every 30 seconds and found that the temperature had the most dramatic increase in the first 30 seconds by 2.7 degrees and from there after, the temperature stayed stable for the rest of the way. Then we added the hot water and found the temperature started at 37.1 degrees and increased suddenly by 7 degrees and then stabilized to about 43.1 thereafter. The jump happened because the hot water was added to the cold water. The max temperature was found on the graph was 44.4 degrees Celsius, and heat capacity of the calorimeter was found to be 21.4 degrees Celsius by virtue of using the qc=-qh equation. In part two of the experiment, a test tube was released into a 600 mL beaker and was brought to a boil. We then recorded the temperature of the boiling water and then
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