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Religious Studies 4 Week 2: Response to the Readings Throughout the previous week, all of the readings had various aspects that were interesting. The part of the reading that was the most interesting was the Four Noble Truths. The Four Noble Truths are the most fundamental of all Buddhist doctrines and are the basis for Buddhist teachings. The first truth is that life is suffering. This is the idea that all situations are in some way unsatisfying or not exactly as we wish they would be. The second noble truth is that suffering is due to craving. I find it interesting that this truth is based on the idea that desire is in and off itself a bad thing and everything bad stems from it. The fact that all of the Noble Truths are intertwined intrigues me, as is the case with the Third Noble Truth which states that one must “blow out” the flame of
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Unformatted text preview: suffering in order to be free of it. The last of the Noble Truths is that there is an eightfold path that must be taken to end suffering once and for all. Another portion of the reading I found interesting is the Ten Devices. The ten devices include earth, water, fire, air, blue, yellow, red, white, light, and space. Each of these devices is represented with a certain symbol. For example, a blue device can be a piece of blue cloth. The last idea I found interesting is the idea of there being multiple nirvanas. There is a nirvana that occurs while you are still alive and also there is a nirvana that happens once you die. Once someone dies, they pass into the final nirvana. Nirvana is cessation that leads one away from the path of suffering. A question I have is can one reach final nirvana without first reaching the original nirvana?...
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