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chem9 - Experiment 12 Oxidation of Vitamin C In part one of...

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Experiment 12- Oxidation of Vitamin C In part one of the experiment, two samples of ascorbic acid were weighed that were each .4 g. We set up a burette and titrated it with KIO3 and as the flask was stirred with a magnetic stirrer, the entire solution turned blue for a split second and the amount of time the solution was blue also increased little by little until the entire solution became a solid dark blue color that did not turn back to the clear solution. The moles of C6H8O6 were calculated to be .003 m for the first trial and .0024 for the second trial. The experimental mass of C6H8O6 was calculated to be 133.67 g and 166.67 g while the actual value of C6H8O6 is actually 176 g. The closer the values were to the actual value, the better your experiment is. In part two of the experiment, two more samples of .4 g of ascorbic acid were again weighed, placed into two 250 Erlenmeyer flasks. Another burette was setup and again of 1 M Hcl and 2-3 mL of starch solution. This time the volume of the burette of the first trial was 9.6 mL and the mass of ascorbic acid is measured to be 138.89 g for the
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