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MOORE COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN INTERIOR DESIGN ID 241.01 Materials and Construction I FALL 2008 Sophomore Studio/lecture – 2.5 credits, 3 hours weekly Section 1 meets Mondays: 3:30 – 6:20 P.M. Instructor: Professor Andrea Beizer, RA NCARB NCIDQ Daytime Phone: 215-236-0264 Cell: 215-370-5921 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: By Appointment Course Description And Objectives This course is an introduction to interior architectural construction technologies and will introduce you to the materials, methods and systems of construction as they relate to the practice of Interior Design in the design industry at a residential scale. Much of the work done by interior designers today is done in small-scale commercial and residential design. As a professional designer, you will be working closely with architects, engineers, consultants, real estate agents, developers and others in the construction industry. A basic understanding of how buildings are built is necessary for you to do your interior design and to communicate with other professionals. In developing the interior space for a client in a residential building, the interior designer must work within many constraints established by the existing structural and mechanical systems, the building core and the perimeter enclosure. This course is devoted to exploring those elements, with an emphasis on single family residential construction, components and details that are necessary to develop an interior environment within the shell of a small-scale residential environment. 1. Technology: Learn about materials, detailing and construction systems related to residential interior design projects. 2. Communication skills: Create working drawings (hand-drawn) for a kitchen project, this will include plans, elevations, sections and details. 3. Research: Learn to use materials related to furniture, fixtures, cabinetry and interior construction. 4. Develop an awareness of the importance of other related professionals to the profession of interior design.
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Class Guidelines: Work must be available in class each week for review Student Responsibilities: 1. Attendance during all scheduled class hours, unless a specific arrangement is made with the instructor. More than (2) absences without doctors note, will affect the students grade. 2. Participation in the class. 3. Compliance with all due dates, both intermediate and final. Late work is accepted at my discretion. 4. Presentations, lectures and full class critiques are important events. Full attendance is mandatory.
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