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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] [email protected] ENTER LANGUAGE = POSTSCRIPT @%!PS-Adobe-3.0%%Title: Microsoft Word - Document in 8.022%%Creator: PSCRIPT.DRV Version 4.0%%CreationDate: 09/04/00 18:38:11%%BoundingBox: 12 13 601 779 %%Pages: (atend)%%PageOrder: Special%%Requirements: %%DocumentNeededFonts: (atend)%%DocumentSuppliedFonts: (atend)%%DocumentData: Clean7Bit%%LanguageLevel: 2%%EndComments%%%BeginProlog %%BeginProcSet: Pscript_Win_ErrorHandler 1.0 1/currentpacking where{pop/oldpack currentpacking def/setpacking where{popfalse setpacking}if}if/$brkpage 64 dict def $brkpage begin/prnt{dup type/stringtype ne{=string cvs}if dup length 6 mul/tx exch def/ty 10 defcurrentpoint/toy exch def/tox exch def 1 setgray newpath tox toy 2 sub moveto0 ty rlineto tx 0 rlineto 0 ty neg rlineto closepath fill tox toy moveto 0setgray show}bind def/nl{currentpoint exch pop lmargin exch moveto 0 -10rmoveto}def/=={/cp 0 def typeprint nl}def/typeprint{dup type exec}readonly def/lmargin 72 def/rmargin 72 def/tprint{dup length cp add rmargin gt{nl/cp 0 def}if dup length cp add/cp exch def prnt}readonly def/cvsprint{=string cvstprint( )tprint}readonly def/integertype{cvsprint}readonly def/realtype{cvsprint}readonly def/booleantype{cvsprint}readonly def/operatortype{(--)tprint =string cvs tprint(-- )tprint}readonly def/marktype{pop(-mark- )tprint}readonly def/dicttype{pop(-dictionary- )tprint}readonly def/nulltype{pop(-null- )tprint}readonly def/filetype{pop(-filestream- )tprint}readonly def/savetype{pop(-savelevel- )tprint}readonly def/fonttype{pop(-fontid- )tprint}readonly def/nametype{dup xcheck not{(/)tprint}if cvsprint}readonly def/stringtype{dup rcheck{(\()tprint tprint(\))tprint}{pop(-string- )tprint}ifelse}readonly def/arraytype{dup rcheck{dup xcheck{({)tprint{typeprint}forall(})tprint}{([)tprint{typeprint}forall(])tprint}ifelse}{pop(-array- )tprint}ifelse}readonly def/packedarraytype{dup rcheck{dup xcheck{({)tprint{typeprint}forall(})tprint}{([)tprint{typeprint}forall(])tprint}ifelse}{pop(-packedarray- )tprint}ifelse}readonly def/courier/Courier findfont 10scalefont def end errordict/handleerror{systemdict begin $error begin $brkpagebegin newerror{/newerror false store vmstatus pop pop 0 ne{grestoreall}ifshowpage initgraphics courier setfont lmargin 720 moveto(ERROR: )prnterrorname prnt nl(OFFENDING COMMAND: )prnt/command load prnt $error/ostackknown{nl nl(STACK:)prnt nl nl $error/ostack get aload length{==}repeat}ifsystemdict/showpage get exec(%%[ Error: )print errorname =print(; OffendingCommand: )print/command load =print( ]%%)= flush}if end end end}dup 0 systemdict put dup 4 $brkpage put bind readonly put/currentpacking where{pop/setpacking where{pop oldpack setpacking}if}if%%EndProcSetuserdict /Pscript_Win_Driver_Incr 200 dict dup begin put%%BeginResource: file Pscript_FatalError 2.0 0/FatalErrorIf{{initgraphics findfont exch scalefont setfont counttomark 3 divcvi{moveto show}repeat showpage quit}{cleartomark}ifelse}bind def%%EndResource/VM? {vmstatus exch sub exch pop gt { [(This job requires more memory than is available in this printer.) 100 500(Try one or more of the following, and then print again:) 100 485(In the PostScript dialog box, click Optimize For Portability.) 115 470(In the PostScript dialog box, click Optimize For Portability....
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This note was uploaded on 09/30/2008 for the course CHET 221 taught by Professor Prof during the Spring '08 term at Bryn Mawr.

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ps2problems - [email protected] [email protected] ENTER LANGUAGE =...

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