CSCE 3730 CAD Tools

CSCE 3730 CAD Tools - D e s ig n F lo w a n d D e s ig n T...

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Unformatted text preview: D e s ig n F lo w a n d D e s ig n T o o ls 1 C h ip D e s ig n F lo w Design conception Initial synthesis Functional simultation Design correct? Logic synthesis/optimization Physical design Timing simulation Design correct? Chip configuration No Yes No Yes Schematic capture Design Entry HDL 2 CAD System A typical CAD system comprises tools for performing the following tasks: Design entry allows the designer to enter a description of the desired circuit in the form of truth tables, schematic diagrams, or HDL code. Initial synthesis generates an initial circuit, based on data entered during the design entry stage. Functional simulation is used to verify the functionality of the circuit, based on inputs provided by the designer. Logic synthesis and optimization applies optimization techniques to derive an opti- mized circuit. Physical design determines how to implement the optimized circuit in a given target technology, for example, in a PLD chip. Timing simulation determines the propagation delays that are expected in the im- plemented circuit. Chip configuration configures the actual chip to realize the designed circuit. 3 Design Entry Entering into the CAD system a description of the circuit being designed is called design entry . Schematic Capture A schematic capture tool allows the user to draw a schematic diagram of a circuit in which circuit elements, such as logic gates, are depicted as graphical symbols and connections between circuit elements are drawn as lines. The tool provides a library which is a collection of graphical symbols that represents gates of various types. The gates in the library can be imported into the user’s schematic. Previously created subcircuits can also be saved and reused. It allows hierarchical design to create a circuit that includes within it other smaller circuits....
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CSCE 3730 CAD Tools - D e s ig n F lo w a n d D e s ig n T...

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