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7615 reading 3 - 7615 Reading 3 1 According to his...

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7615 Reading 3 1. According to his interpretation of his dream, Freud’s feelings for Irma may have been slight attraction which may have been overshadowed by some anger because of the fact that his theories weren’t accepted by her. He concluded that her illness was something that could no longer be cured by psychological means. He mentioned that “If you still get pains, it’s your own fault” because he contributed his ways to help and his solutions were overlooked. 2. Through his dream he got to live out this unrealistic fantasy which was quite realistic to him. Wishes and desires he knew weren’t exactly possible or that he couldn’t do, the void and satisfaction, he was able to fulfill through his dream. He wanted certain people in certain ways and when they displeased him he was able to continuously replace them without having to rationalize the reason to anyone but himself. 3. A great deal of the dream interpretation does depend on him knowing the personal history of the dreamer. Without knowing such detailed history, Freud could not have done the interpretation as
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