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Diploida Ear Rot letter - Another way to manage the fungus...

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February 4, 2008 Dear Farmers Denny, After scouting many cornfield and looking at the symptoms. The ear of corn has white mold at the base of the ear. Then cover the whole ear and change color t a grayish brown. The entire ear rots. Which cause by a fungus that like cool wet condition while ears are filling called Diplodia Ear Rot. Over the winter months, the diplodia ear rot stays in the soil that has corn debris. Often occurs when a field under reduced tillage where corn follow corn. It reproduce by spores can make their way through the tissue, the spore splash into the whorl prior to tasseling of the corn. Once ears of corn are infected, it dispersed and spread by birds and insects. Corn Borer can also cause an entry wound for the pathogen. The common host plant is a corn plant. In addition, corn is the only know host plant too. The way to management Diplodia Ear Rot, the most effectual is by planting a resistant corn hybrid.
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Unformatted text preview: Another way to manage the fungus is by fall tillage, and to harvest corn when the moisture is 15 percent or less. Some steps to go by while controlling diplodia Ear rot would be to make sure that if you are growing corn on corn to select a corn variety that is more resistant to the fungus. In the fall after harvest to make sure that, your corn stubbles are tilled up. Also, hope that there is not too much rain while the ears are filling. Here are many different step and some symptoms to look for Diploida Ear Rot fungus in your cornfield. Daniela Dryer Crop Consultant Work Cite Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Diplodia Ear Rot. “Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs website: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/crops/pub811/3erdip . (Accessed January 31, 2008) Lipps, Patrick, E and Mills, Dennis, R. “Diplodia Ear Rot of Corn” Ohio State University Extension. Research report number AC-46-2001....
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Diploida Ear Rot letter - Another way to manage the fungus...

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