Measurement 1 - Measurement 1 Objective: To measure...

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Measurement 1 Objective: To measure temperature changes in water under different experimental conditions. Experimental Data: Part A: The Cooling of Water Time(in minutes) Glass beaker temp. with thermometer(in Celsius) Polystyrene cup temp. with temperature probe(in Celsius) 0 62.0*C 70.80*C 5 50.0*C 55.90*C 10 42.0*C 48.14*C 15 37.0*C 43.27*C 20 33.5*C 38.72*C 25 31.4*C 35.99*C 30 28.9*C 33.25*C 35 27.5*C 31.25*C 40 21.4*C 29.47*C 45 21.0*C 27.74*C Part B: Temperature Changes Step Volume in Cup(mL) Volume added(mL) Initial Temp. (*C) Final Temp. (*C) 1 50.0 10.0 73.56*C 57.71*C 2 60.0 10.0 57.71*C 45.28*C 3 70.0 10.0 45.28*C 38.87*C 4 80.0 10.0 38.87*C 34.87*C 5 90.0 10.0 34.87*C 31.93*C Sample calculations: Temperature correction factor: temperature with probe – temperature with thermometer 25.6*C – 26.8*C = -1.2*C (-1.2*C must be added to all of the readings taken by the thermometer) Density = Mass Volume Mass of volume of hot water when the temperature was 73.56*C: 70*C(0.9778g/mL) 75*C(0.9749g/mL) = the difference is 5*C(0.0029g/mL)
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Measurement 1 - Measurement 1 Objective: To measure...

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