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Quiz 1 Name________________________________________________ Circle the letter next to the best answer. 1. The word entrepreneur is derived from the French entreprendre , which is translated as a. to apprehend. b to enter and dare. c. to undertake . d. to compete. 2. John Stuart Mill said that four factors were needed for business. These factors were: a. Land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship b. Laws, land, labor, and licenses c. Capital, courts, cash, and creativity d. Men, money, machines, and management 3. Which economist viewed entrepreneurship as a process of “creative destruction,” in which old businesses were replaced by dynamic, new businesses? a. Richard Cantillon b. Jean Baptiste Say c. Joseph Schumpeter d. Adam Smith 4. The term “window of opportunity,” as discussed in Chapter 2, describes the time period in which a firm can: a. obtain funding or financing b. hire new employees c. obtain patent protection for a new product d. realistically enter a new market e. get government approval for a regulated product or service
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5. The aging of the U.S. population has results in several new firms that have been founded to help older American’s stay in their homes longer, as an alternative to
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quiz_one_answers_2008 - Quiz 1 Name Circle the letter next...

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