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ENGRI_127_Quiz__6_2008_Answers - ENGRI 127 Quiz#6 1 a b c d...

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ENGRI 127 Name________________________________________________ Quiz #6 1. The Greek word ethos means a. mode of conduct. b. death struggle c. questions for the gods d. fighting spirit. 2. The topic of ethics has been important in philosophical thought since the time of a. John Stuart Mill b. Socrates. c. Karolos Papoulias d. Joseph Schumpeter. 3. Today's entrepreneurs are faced with many ethical decisions, especially during the _____ stages of their new venture. 4. A decision to sell toys that pass minimum safety standards but can often result in minor accidents to children is an example of a(n) 5. A definition of ethics in such a rapidly changing environment must be based more on _____ than on a static code. 6. There are conflicting needs in the free enterprise system between
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