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SOUTH AMERICA I. Introduction A. South America is located much further ________ than North America and as a result is much further away from the ______________ countries. B. Physiography is dominated by _______________ on the west(plate tectonics and the orographic effect) and the ____________. C. Half of South Americas Pop. is in ______, the interior of South America is ___________ developed. D. With the exception of _______ small countries in N.E., the source of modern culture for the remainder is the ____________ Peninsula. (Spain and Portugal). E. ________ Church dominates life throughout the realm. II. The Human Sequence A. The _________ Empire. Prior to colonial influence native peoples, located primarily in the ________ & originally from Asia via either Ocean or land bridge, developed into tribes and eventually into the Incan civilization. Other native presence on the continent was limited. 1. Unusual empire in that it developed in ________ _______ (altiplanos) rather than along rivers live the Egyptians, Aztecs, and Asian empires. 2. Incas controlled all of the western portion of South America along the Andes Mountains, From ___________ in north to __________ in the South. 3. Incas were good ___________________ and public works builders (roads). 4. Just prior to ___________ arrival the Incas divided their empire into _______ empires for administrative purposes. Some say this aided in the ability of Spanish to defeat Incas. 5. Incas were a _____________ in their empire. This coupled with the fact that they were the country leaders, lead to their defeat because ___________ needed only to defeat the Inca administrators. B. The Iberian Invaders. 1. After the Aztecs are defeated _________________ (Spaniard) crosses Panama to Pacific Ocean and takes a ship to northern Peru, where he hears of Incas (1527). 2. In 1531 he returns with ______ men and ____ horses and in three years defeats the Incas. 3. Spanish took over Indian lands and established _________. 4. In 1535 Lima is established as capital of Spanish Viceroyalty of _______. 5. Subsequently, Spanish take over control of now _____________ and ______________ area and of Rio De La Plata area (Argentina and Uruguay). 6. Portuguese have control of eastern portion of present day Brazil by virtue of the _________ ___________, signed by the Pope. 7. The _______________ have ideas of expansion Paulistas)and move into present day Brazil and Paraguay. Also they want to stop the Jesuit missionaries with Indians - see the movie "The Mission" for a beautiful and moving depiction of the conflict between the Portuguese and the Jesuits.) C. The ______________. 1. In present day Brazil there were few native peoples. Consequently, the Portuguese established ___________ in the area for and needed to import slaves. Now ____________ has the largest black population of south America and with ______ of the population being black and the other third of the pop. being of mixed White, Indian and Black ancestry.
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SOUTH_AMER_2007_Blanks - SOUTH AMERICA I. Introduction A....

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