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RUSSIA I. Introduction a. _______________ territorial state in the world. b. __________________ large and populous county in the world. c. One of the world’s major ______________ powers. d. Population is relatively ___________ for the size of the land. e. Development of the Russia is concentrated ______ of the Ural Mountains. f. A _________________ state with a complex political geography. g. Russia has few good and suitable _____________. h. Areas previously under the influence of Russia are now coming under the influence of ___________ and the ______________ world. i. Failure of the _________ system has left the economic system in disarray. j. Russia has been a source of raw materials but not of _________________ goods (exception would be weapons). II. Russian Roots a. A culture of __________________. i. Strong ________________, resistence to change and despotic rule. ii. __________________ wealth concentrated in a _________. iii. Millions of peasants and serfs lived in dreadful ___________. iv. ____________________ revolution arrives late to Russia. v. ______________ class develops slow and late. b. ___________ i. Russia grows from a nation to an ______________. ii. Russia becomes a major ____________ based colonial power. iii. Czars continue to _______________ wealth in the hands of a few. iv. ____________________ occurs in Russia due to the differences between the rich and the poor. v. Revolution comes late to ______________ as compared to Europe. c. _____________ Union i. Revolution occurs with battles between the ______________ and the _________________ (Reds and Whites) ii. The ________ win. iii. V.I. Lenin establishes the communist state in ____________. iv. Capital is moved from St. Petersburg back to _____________. v. _______________ begin moving to various portions of the empire. d. Fall of the Soviet Union i. December 25, ____________. ii. Soviet Union desolves iii. Voluntary association of states develops in the _______________ of Independent States (CIS) iv. _________ wishes to reestablish a formal relationship with Russia. v. Most western SSRs are orienting towards ____________. 5 “Stan” countires are now called Turkestan and is linking to the _____________ world. vi. __________________ has become extremely complicated (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaizan. III. Russia’ Physical Environments a. ________________ of the country is very far north. b. Russia’s climate is strongly affected by __________________. c. Precipitation is ___________, temperature ranges can be ____________. Very cold winters and very hot summers. d. Global ____________ will likely positively influence the Russian society. e. Best climate is located in the _______ and gets worse as one travels east. IV. Physiographic Regions a. (1) the _____________ Plain i. Eastward continuation of the north ________________ lowland. ii. Location of _____________ and the Russian core area. b. (2) _________ Mountains i. __________ of Russian Plain ii. Traditional Boundary between ___________ and __________ iii. Major source of raw materials at the south end iv. Not a major _______________ 1
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c. (3) West ________________ Plain i. East of the __________ Mountains ii. Largest unbroken __________ in the world iii. Northern portion subject to________________ iv. Middle portion is a ________________ v. Southern portion home to major cities such as ________________ vi. ________ found throughout the region.
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