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MIDDLE AMERICA I. Introduction A. Area between United States and South America and goes from ___________ to ___________ and includes the islands of the ____________. C. Although a land bridge exists it is ____________ to go from North to South America because of the ____________ and _____________. D. The larger, western islands of the ______________ are called the _________ Antilles. The smaller, eastern islands are called the ___________ Antilles. Islands are formed via ____________, (plate tectonics). E. Middle America's cultural geography is complex. ___________ influences dominate the Caribbean and __________ on the mainland. F. Middle America's tropical location and climates are in important places ameliorated by ____________ and its resulting vertical ____________ of natural environments. G. Underdevelopment is endemic. The realm contains the America's ________ developed countries. H. The realm contains major reserves of ____________ fuels. II. Legacy of Mesoamerica A. The Lowland ______________ 1. Mayan's unified an area of Middle America which was larger than any other current Middle American state except Mexico. 2. Mayan's were a ________________. 3. Constructed ______________ like structures. B. The Highland ___________ 1. Originally highland peoples were __________ who ruled for 3 centuries. 2. Toltecs were later taken over by the Aztecs. 3. In 14th century Aztecs take over valley of ___________, current home of Mexico City. 4. Because of the elevation of the area it is ____ and dry for a tropical climate. 5. Aztecs expand in the south and east and capture other tribes for use in sacrifices. 6. Aztecs developed cities and good _____________ production. III. Collision of Cultures A. Effects of Conquest 1. Population of Indians declines from _____ million at time of conquest to _____ million 100 years later, due primarily to ____________. 2. Removal of ___________ for building materials. 3. Abandonment of __________ cities. 4. Conversion of Tenochtitlan to a Spanish city (__________ City) 6. Introduction of __________ growing instead of ________ growing. 7. Resettlement of Indians into ___________ towns for control. B. Domination 1. Spanish exploit locals with particular attention to ___________. 2. Mining develops north of Mexico City, in dryer climate, where mining cities must be
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MIDDLE_AMER_2007_Blanks - MIDDLE AMERICA I. Introduction A....

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