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Midterm%20Review%202008 - Homer Agamemnon vs Achilles...

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REL 1219 R. F. Hock Fall 2008 MID-TERM STIJDY GUIDE PaIt ofthe mid{erm exam on Oclober 2 will includ€ l0 short answer items (much like the qu'zzes). These fifteen items will be selected ftom the list below which covers much ofwhat is important Fom the lectures and readings (names, places, events, concepts, €tc-). They are list€d in the order ofpresentation in the course- Literary ethnography The minimum is the optimum Independent peasant Anaideia Choru Diogenes and his cup Kyrios Euqates Gorgias Micyllus Mqgeiros Hermes Dorkon S/igrrala and Riadamanthus Lycainion The bed and lamp Syntrophos Theate Aristocratic household Pwpose ofDionysius'speech Eros Andron Kottalos Seating order at slmposium Primary curriculum
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Unformatted text preview: Homer Agamemnon vs. Achilles Women's quarters Paidagogos Girls at age 7 Ephebic training Weaving Choice ofHerakles Arkteicl Wrestlitrg Cleanthis and education Tl\e stadion atolyrrryia Parlhenos Prog/mnasmdta Nymphe Types offable Callirhoe as a GTne Polemo Bitirina and Gastron Pheidias'Zeus Kydilla Conelation ofkinds ofspeech with the soul Hetairu Polemo Corinna Pre-socratic philosophy Phryne and Praxiteles Socratic shift Habrocomes' main fault Ta ethiko Aigialeus and Thelxinoe Cardinal vitues Hippothous Aristippus and hedonism Dionysius ofMiletus Cntes and Zeno Mithridates Providence Callirhoe and Rhodogyne Herakles aIId Pelr,ttaseis Aitaxerxes All oflife as a celebratory celebration "Raising" Chaereas fiom the dead...
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