Lab 6 - Instructions

Lab 6 - Instructions - EE 330 Lab#6 Due April 16th Spring...

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EE 330 Lab #6 Spring 2007 Due April 16 th The Thracian Tomb After the discovery of a large number of Thracian tombs in the “Valley of Roses” in central Bulgaria, the archeologists started calling this area the “Valley of the Thracian Kings”. Many of the tombs are situated near Seuthopolis, the capital of the Odrysian kingdom since 320 BC. The cemetery of Seuthopolis included a number of tholos tombs, in which the upper-class were interred, sometimes along with their horses . These vaulted "beehive" tombs comprise a narrow corridor and a round burial chamber covered by tumuli. A plenty of small artificial hills are spread all over the valley and it is believed that most of them hide Thracian tombs. Treasure hunters are constantly undertaking small scale excavation works plundering the mounds. However, the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture cannot afford ubiquitous excavation works to prevent the plundering. They need to know with certainty whether a hill is a tumulus or not, to save time and money and forestall the treasure hunters. incident wave reflected wave tomb earth transmitter&receiver unknown depth You have been invited by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture to help them in determining the archeological value of the hills. You’ve accepted. Your idea is to use a small EM wave generator to probe the subterranean recesses. In case there is a chamber under the earth surface, the EM wave will get reflected by the earth/air boundary upon reaching the chamber and you will detect the reflected signal. Also, from the magnitude of the reflected signal you will be able to determine the thickness of the earth layer covering the tomb. Before you start real measurements you need to undertake some preliminary measurements that will allow you to determine the soil parameters and to construct a calibration curve, i.e., received signal strength versus depth. The
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Lab 6 - Instructions - EE 330 Lab#6 Due April 16th Spring...

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