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Lab 2 - Solutions

Lab 2 - Solutions - Design specifications Material...

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EE 330 Lab #2 - Answers Spring 2007 Cylindrical Capacitor Upon the execution of the m-file, the following prompts (or similar) should be displayed in the Command Window: According to the given requirements: Enter the working voltage (in V) 250 Enter the capcitance (in pF) 40 Enter the radius of the casing (in mm) 3 Enter the length of the casing (in mm) 10 Enter the safety factor 10 The results should be displayed in the Command Window in this or a similar way:
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Unformatted text preview: Design specifications: Material polystyrene Voltage rating (V) 260.0625 Inner radius (mm) 2.8896 Price of the dielectric layer (USD) 0.0511 Extra credit of 5 points will be awarded if after entering the given values for the working voltage, capacitance, etc., the command window displays a message similar to the following: Requirements cannot be satisfied 1...
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