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Lab 7 - Instructions

Lab 7 - Instructions - EE 330 Lab#7 Due April 26 Spring...

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EE 330 Lab #7 Spring 2007 Due April 26 The Big Game on Cable TV You’ve just started working as a support engineer for the local Cable TV provider the week before the Penn State–Michigan football game. The morning of the big game, the signal to the west side of town suddenly goes down and there are 5000 dead TV screens and many angry customers. You are sent out to try to diagnose and fix the problem as soon as possible. You head out to the distribution box that feeds the cable signal to the various parts of town, and find the cable that feeds the signal to the west end of town. You disconnect that cable feed and connect up a TDR measuring device (a Sencore CA780 “Cableizer”: http://www.sencore.com/products/ca780.htm ). This device works by launching a pulse down the line and examining the reflections. You note that the cable feeding the signal is an RG-6 cable made by Belden (Product Number 1189AP). You quickly look up its properties ( http://www.belden.com/pdfs/MasterCatalogPDF/PDFS_links%20to%20docs/06_Coax/6.24.pdf ) because you’ll need those to enter into the TDR device to understand the results.
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