28 February 2008 geology

28 February 2008 geology - Time Relative or...

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28 February 2008 Timescale—10 questions on midterm.—emphasis on periods 1. Weathering Anion proportion Soil profile Structure Represent anticline, syncline in x-section *Geologic Time Scale* Absolute time -radioactive ‘parent’ changes D(aughter)=P(arent) (e^rt – 1) T= 1/λ ln(D/P + 1) λ=1.54*10^-11 Oldest rocks: Australia-4.2, 4.1-NWT, 3.8-Minnesota, 1.8 Appalachians 1800 m.y.
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Unformatted text preview: Time: Relative or Absolute=Sequence of events=Geologic Maps *Fundamental Product* History The oldest preserved geologic map is the Turin papyrus, made around 1150 BCE for gold deposits in Egypt Scaling for maps Oldest rocks at the core QUIZ 2 10 questions on geologic time scale- arrange time scale from oldest to youngest...
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