Credibility - You might be an intern or employee. We look...

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05:25 Credibility Positive —You come prepackage, we have heard about you and we like it. Negative —your reputation is bad and your credibility is some what damaged Neutral —no one knows who you are TEST QUESTION 5 : Elements to be understood that enhance your credibility: Trust     —Three dimensions: Sincerity and Honesty —are you a crook, misbehave at night on companies  account; violate once and credibility is over. Not lying on your resume is  extremely important because if people don’t like you all they have to do is find  one thing wrong on your resume and make you look like a liar. (most important) Empathy in a relationship —think about how it affects the family, employees; how  it affects the pack as a whole. Understanding ones background. Knowledge/Expertise— you must know what you are doing. Position or Status  
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Unformatted text preview: You might be an intern or employee. We look upon people that have a higher position than others as having more credibility. Shows you have more exposure than the average person Ex: Saying that you go to Harvard. 3 . Identification how you relate to your audience How you speak; your language selection, how you talk and the words you use. How you dress. Ex: Les Miles talking with Snoop Dog, makes him connect to his players. Most know how to change and adapt to different audiences in order to connect to them. 4. Charisma Category that you can manage for the rest of your life. Your poise, likeability, delivery, style You need to look and see what you are strongest and weakest in and off set your weak category with your strongest one. 05:25 05:25...
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Credibility - You might be an intern or employee. We look...

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