Chapter_14___Key_Social_Psych_Terms - Key Social Psychology...

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Key Social Psychology Terms The Social Self - Self-concept humanism , self-esteem, self-presentation - Attributions: internal behavior self directed vs. external behavior directed outside, they either did it because of outside things or because it’s who they are - Attribution errors: - Self directed behavior: behavior you attribute to your internal - Stuff that happens - self-serving bias serves our bias, sometimes we blame on outside/external things, helps protect ego, when succeeding, people over-attribute internal factors, but when failing, people over-attribute external factors fundamental attribution error when looking at others, you explain it by internal, when explaining self behavior, people will blame on external actor-observer effect, when you see other people you see internal as observer, when you are the actor you see external factors individualistic when you don’t need help or depend on others vs. collectivistic cultures depends on others and teamwork more prevalent
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Chapter_14___Key_Social_Psych_Terms - Key Social Psychology...

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