LabReport2 - Introduction Experiment 2 involved reacting...

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Introduction Experiment 2 involved reacting copper with sulfur to produce a compound. A certain mass of copper was heated in a crucible with sulfur. The amount of sulfur was determined after massing the entire metal sulfide. The objective was to calculate and determine the empirical formula for this compound, using stoichiometry. With this method, molar masses of the elements can be determined and a ratio is given. The simplest mole ratio is the empirical formula. Stoichiometry is important for chemists, so that they can determine how many atoms of one element combine with how many atoms of another element in a compound. This lab was constructive in practicing stoichiometry and determining a compound’s empirical formula. Procedure The procedure followed by directions according to the lab manual: Sprague, Alexander, Padolik & Steffel, Laboratory Experiments for First Year Chemistry, 6th ed. pp. 1-6 to 1-12. A change in the procedure was that the experiment was carried out independently. Also, when weighing out the material, the beaker was to be tared. This means to place the beaker on the balance before zeroing it and then adding the material. The products were disposed of, instead of being saved in vials. At the end of the experiment, all students entered their data into the computer to average and determine the molar ratio. Results
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LabReport2 - Introduction Experiment 2 involved reacting...

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