LabReport27 - Introduction This experiment tested knowledge...

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Introduction This experiment tested knowledge about rates of reactions and how it is expressed in terms of change in concentration with time. The experimental reaction was between crystal violet and sodium hydroxide. The objectives of the experiment were to determine the rate law, integrated rates law (which show how concentrations vary with time), and rate constant k for a reaction at room temperature. Heating the reaction and calculating the activation energy of the reaction would give way to observing the effect of temperature on the rate constant. The activation energy of the heated reaction, or the energy required to begin the reaction can be calculated by using the Arrhenius Equation. Six trials were conducted with varying concentrations and temperatures to yield the rate constant k. The rate law and integrated rate law calculations are associated with the concepts of chemical kinetics, which is being studied in lecture. This experiment used techniques of colorimetry, in which the progress of the reaction was monitored by the disappearance of color due to crystal violet. Colorimetry measures the absorbance of a solution, which is proportional to the concentration of the absorbing species it contains, according to the Lambert-Beer law. Operating the MeasureNet system required proper execution so that the results would be used appropriately in the equations. Disposing of the contents of the test tubes took place in the sink. These techniques are important for
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LabReport27 - Introduction This experiment tested knowledge...

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