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Project Outline - Biomedical Engineering. Professor: M....

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Unformatted text preview: Biomedical Engineering. Professor: M. Escabí BME 251, Spring 2008 MATLAB Project: Neuronal Recordings and Filtering Due: May 1, 2008 Project Goal: In this project you will explore the concept of filtering. A noisy neuronal recording is provided and your goal is to remove noise from this signal by filtering it. The signal contains action potentials that were recorded with a sharp recording electrode in the brain. Signal Filtering- Design a MATLAB routine to implement a digital Butterworth filter with arbitrary specifications. The function should take the following parameters as input: INPUT VARIABLE X: Input signal FiltType: Filter Type (‘H’ or ‘L’, for highpass or lowpass) Wp: digital passband frequency Ws: digital stopband frequency Rs: Stoppband attenuation (in dB) Rp: Passband error (in dB) Sampling Rate (Fs): measured in Hz RETURNED VARIABLE Y: Filtered signal To create the above function you will need to learn how to use the following routines (type “help functionname” to display usage information): BUTTORD: This functions is used to find the filter order and filter cutoff for a digital butterworth filter....
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This note was uploaded on 10/01/2008 for the course BME 251 taught by Professor Escabi during the Fall '08 term at UConn.

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Project Outline - Biomedical Engineering. Professor: M....

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