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Political Science 319--Campaigns and Elections Midterm Exam #1 Review The exam will take place in class on Wednesday, October 1st and will include a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions. We will devote part of class on September 29th to review, and, in addition to my regularly scheduled office hours this Friday and next Tuesday, I will have extra hours on Wednesday (the day of the exam) from 1:15-2:00. This review sheet is designed to help you organize your studying and will give you a very good idea of the concepts and topics on which you will be tested. The best strategy is to use these guidelines to target the portions of the lecture notes and texts to which you should devote particular attention. It is generally less useful to "fill out" the guide and then study only that. Electoral Rules Options constitutional convention considered for electing president Differences between original and modern Electoral College rules Early selection methods--parties and "King Caucus" Differences between caucuses and primaries Types of primaries
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campaignsmidterm1review - Political Science 319-Campaigns...

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