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November 15, 2005 Social Psychology Social Influence How are we influenced? Seven principles: o Social influence occurs into and influenced by a context o Consistency when people say they will do something we expect them to do something, people like consistency We resist change We act ourselves into certain thinking, and vice versa We honor public more likely to do if public , active, and voluntary commitment must be voluntary in order to get response Foot in the door technique o Reciprocity if you do something, you expect something in return We return favors you would do the same for me We are more likely to comply after retreating ask for a big request, then ask a small request for more likely response o Ingratiation We are attracted to similarities We like those who praise us and cooperate
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Unformatted text preview: We actively care for the people we like. Show interest in people o Conformity We follow those who are similar and credible We model most in unfamiliar situations people watch others to know whats right People view behavior correct and appropriate as far as they see others doing it o Authority We follow authority blindly and mindlessly We follow those with credibility o Scarcity We react to protect our individuality We value rare opportunities ex) one day only sales We are motivated to avoid loss Parents sometimes make individuality scarce, and kids react o Novelty We habituate to the routine We are attentive and attracted to the unique...
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