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psM115C - Grading Policy - GradingGuidelines

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Grading Guidelines I. The goal of grading is to make a fair judgment about the paper and to give students sufficient comments so that they understand why they have been assigned their grade. The comments at the end of the paper should give the writer some idea as to how to improve in the future. Papers in the A to A+ range will normally require fewer comments than papers at the lower ranges of the scale since the need for improvement will be less pressing. However all papers should receive at least a few lines of comment. It is not necessary to correct all grammatical mistakes in a paper, but if a student’s writing is wonky at least one paragraph should be marked-up to show some areas where work is needed. II. Here is a rough breakdown of what the various letter grades mean in this class: An A paper (93-96.99) is well written, well researched and well argued. It is easy to read. The writer has paid attention to all parts of the “prompt” (the essay assignment). The paper shows intelligence and engagement and some degree of insight and creativity. An A + paper (97-100) has all of the qualities of an A paper but to a greater degree. It is the paper of somebody who has thought about what they are writing and who expresses
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psM115C - Grading Policy - GradingGuidelines

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